Global Competition

The objective of the global competition is to “invent” very high volume sensor applications. TSensors plans to launch it as soon as Competition Chairs are recruited.

Preliminary rules:

1) Participants will be expected to submit a standardized form (via website, to an online database) summarizing (as applicable):

  • Application/Product definition.
  • Justification why it has potential to reach a minimum target volume by 2022 (e.g. market drivers, global changes, problems solved, etc).
  • Summary of current state-of-the-art and needed technologies to support targeted sensor application growth.
  • Estimated cost targets to trigger explosive growth for the proposed application.

2) Awards (to be defined later) for the largest volume sensor applications, after validation by the Competition Review Board:

  • Platinum Awards for 10 highest volume applications.
  • Gold Awards for the next 10 highest volume applications.
  • Silver Awards for the following 10 highest volume applications.
  • Bronze Awards for the following 10 highest volume applications.

The number and types of awards will be decided after receiving funding commitment from sponsors.

3) Results will be evaluated, sorted and organized by TSensors members to validate and organize submitted sensor application ideas.